One of the more gratifying aspects of our job is you just never know what's going to come your way day after day. It's all good for us, because we're a hands-on group. Though we enjoy our time pushing pixels around computer screens, getting our hands actually dirty can be extremely gratifying as well.


PURPOSE: Threadgill's had a giant outdoor wall outside of their main location on West Riverside Drive. It was just sitting there, doing nothing. That would not stand, man! (especially in this mural-happy town we live in).

RESULT: We took a familiar lyric from the song "Wild Thing" (written by Chip Taylor, a former Austinite, and Jon Voight's brother and Angelina Jolie's uncle) and made a mural. Since it went up, it's been photographed and posted hundreds of times on Facebook and Instagram.


We recently moved into our new headquarters in East Austin, which conveniently came with a giant blank wall next to the front door. What to do? Come up with a mascot, of course!

The result is Swizzly the Octopus. Why an octopus? Well, turns out each octopus has 8 arms (who knew?), allowing he or she to preform multiple tasks at once. Fitting, we think, given that we too perform multiple tasks at once, day after day.

NOTE: "Swizzly" was a joke name that accidently stuck. If you have any alternative names for Swizzly, we're all ears. And arms.



The most basic of brand needs. It's something we do.


Early in our careers, print was the bread and butter for an advertising creative. Not so much anymore. But we relish the opportunity when we get a chance.