As we mentioned on the phone, we have a whole slew of people ready to join the team for Héroe de León. We call them the Dream Team. And they are truly a special bunch.

CHRIS DAVIS: Copywriter and idea man
Founding partner at Swizzle, Chris spends most of his time coming up with ideas that move needles.

NOAH DAVIS: Art Director and idea man
Swizzle's other commander-and-chief, Noah brings many years of advertising experience to the table. He's also a production genius, with skills that apply to everything we do. Also a man of impeccable taste.

BOBBY BROOKS: Internet Guru
Websites. Landing pages. SEO. Digital strategy. If it has to do with the Internet, we turn to Bobby. And if you want to talk CrossFit for any reason, Bobby's all ears (and muscles).

CHARLIE GOULET: Shooter, Editor, Motion Graphics Wiz
Charlie does a little bit of everything. And when he doesn't know how to do something, he's eager to learn. For extra cash, Charlie rides a PediCab on weekends. (We are also trying to talk him into letting us produce a new line of workout tapes called Calves of Steel... but so far, no dice).

LEAH LEVY: Content Writer
When clients need good quality content to keep their blog and newsletters plump-full of witty and useful information, we turn to Leah. And when she's not writing content for clients at a 1000 words a clip, she's working on her novel. So be warned... we might lose her at any moment to the New York Times Bestseller List.

T.C. WAUGH: Account Manager
We've worked with T.C. on both sides of the aisle: as a account manager at Swizzle, and as a client (he also runs two vibrant jewelry companies: Carved Creations and John Christian — both of which work with Swizzle on a regular basis). T.C. brings a world of experience to the table, especially in the spirits world having been the national Hennessy Cognac account manager at Latin Works, and a contributing player on the Johnnie Walker and Moët et Chandon accounts. 

TONYA SCHABACKER: Social Media Director/Photographer
Tonya is our social media maven and resident photographer: A potent combination. Everyone with an iPhone and an Instagram account thinks they're a photographer these days. When you look at Tonya's work, however, you're instantly reminded that photography is an art best left to professionals like Tonya

MEREDITH SCHULZ: Project Manager
Meredith is our resident startup queen that we've worked with on both the agency side and the client side. As the project manager for Moovel, we worked hand in hand with Meredith on several website builds. And while at TabbedOut, Meredith was instrumental in putting together partnerships with Shiner, Budweiser, Tuaca, TGI Friday’s, PayPal and Google Wallet. Launched a mobile offers feature for patrons to redeem while at bars.|

AMANDA FOX: Producer
Amanda is just one of the several producers we work with in town for big video shoots. A consummate professional with tons of experience, Plus, she knows everybody. So if there's anybody outside of the collective we might need, Amanda has a number.

For larger jobs that call for a professional editor, we turn to editor extraordinaire Stephen Bohls and his magical Avid machines. And if you ever have the burning desire to talk about French Film or New Wave Music, Stephen's your guy.

BRAD MAXFIELD: Graphic Artist
There isn’t an artist on the planet for perfect for Héroe de León than Brad. See his work here. He also did all the Swizzle graphics, too. Brad has been a valuable partner for Swizzle over the years and is eager to work on Héroe. See his work here.

CHARLIE RAY: Media buyer
Navigating with wild world of online media opportunities is jaw-droppingly difficult. Thankfully we have the best in the business always at the ready to help with a plan. Also one of the best dressed men you will ever come across. Click here for more about Broadstreet Co.

HENRY: Agency dog
No agency in Austin is able to function without a dog. Just the way it is. Henry is just one of several. Not pictured include Nancy, Butters and Clarence Bean.