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* Advertising, marketing materials, music videos, manifesto videos, social content, web content, content content, murals, print, outdoor ads, radio spots, and we smash things from time to time.



This is our submission for Fantastic Fest 2019 Bumper Contest! The theme this year is Urban Legends. Lots of worthy competition this year. If you haven’t voted yet, please consider “Whistleblower”!

Expertly shot by Kevin Nukem, and edited by Stephen Bohls (and directed by all 3 of us). Enjoy!

Fantastic Fest 2019 • Written/Performed by Chris Davis | Shot by Kevin Nukem | Edited by Stephen Bohls | Directed by all.



Swizzle is a small but powerful advertising and marketing support firm based in Austin, Texas that packs more punch pound-for-pound than any agency this side of Madison Avenue. That may sound like a boast, but we can back it up. As for what we do, we focus primarily on video & film creation, manifestos, advertising, marketing, content, digital services, strategy and branding. But if you need a mural painted, we can do that, too.  

Beyond Swizzle itself, the broader collective is comprised of a band of talented people with various skillsets that work separately or together — based on what each client actually needs. Videographers, designers, art directors, animation artists, writers, etc. Creative people with a mind for business. And we take pride in our ability to play nicely with each other — and with clients. We really are quite friendly.

360 Studios is a full-service production company based in Austin and Los Angeles producing the best quality television, film, commercials, and music videos with a combined experience of 30 years producing award-winning content. They are one of our main partners.



From global behemoths to regional gems, the partners at Swizzle have spent their careers building campaigns for some of the most recognized and iconic brands.


The creative guys at Swizzle are much more than an agency to us – they’re our partners. They know our voice and brand better than we do! In an industry that isn’t the most glamorous, they’ve made our credit union “cool.” We’ve received multiple marketing awards over the years – but more importantly, we’ve seen results!
— Carol Cain, SVP Marketing, Velocity Credit Union
Chris is all about ideas that move products and build brands. A copywriter who is completely grounded in strategy — someone whose ideas are built on insights into consumer behavior. Chris is truly the whole package. Hard to find in this day and age of specialists.”
— Jim Tenny, President, Della Femina Advertising
In a rickety shack on West 6th Street called Swizzle World HQ is one of the only places in Austin where you’ll find truly elite-level talent. They’re the best marketing team in town; not just creative… the whole picture.
— George Catlin, Founder & CEO, Withdrawal Ease


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