Below is a brief description of the Influencer Marketing we’ve been involved with. We haven’t done a ton of Influencer Marketing, but we know it’s value and we know how to do it.


PURPOSE: Mommy Shorts is a very popular “Mommy Blog” that has expanded into Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat. For our Carved Creations client, partnering with Mommy Shorts was a natural fit. As a purveyor of personalized, custom-carved jewelry — the kind that’s perfect for moms and girlfriends, especially for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day — partnering with an influencer with Ilana’s influence made perfect sense.

RESULT:  To make Christmas 2014 special, we partnered with Ilana Rosengarten Wiley (and her 420,000 followers on Instagram) to create a very special Holiday Promotion wherein Ilana asked her followers to share favorite funny nicknames for friends and family — each of which would be perfect on a piece of Carved Creations Jewelry — in hopes of winning one of three $250 Gift Cards to be used at Carved Creation's website.

Program was extremely successful, leading to one of Carved Creations' best Christmases ever.

That's Noah! (aka Dave Matthews' doppelganger) 

That's Noah! (aka Dave Matthews' doppelganger) 


PURPOSE:  Casey Neistat is the world’s #1 marketing influencer on the web, garnishing millions of views for each and every video he posts. Casey builds brands. All by himself, doing what he does everyday. And while we haven’t worked directly with Casey, Noah was featured in one of his videos recently and it got over 3,300,000 views. (SEE: It Wasn’t An Accident on Casey’s YouTube page). 

RESULT:  So if you want Casey, we know how to find him.