Sometimes you need to make a video that has an idea, looks kinda cool, and can be done in an afternoon. Certainly not the ideal way of working on a daily basis, but one that comes up ALL. THE. TIME. Here's a few quick examples of videos such as these.


PURPOSE: Though we've shot 3 big, live-action commercial shoots for Velocity (and have a 4th coming up this month), sometimes they just need something that's quick, informative and to the point while staying within the brand parameters we've set forth.

RESULT: Truthfully, we've created a ton of these, each doing its part to pass along some important information about a Velocity offering while contributing to a grander, overall brand story.


daily greens

PURPOSE: Daily Greens is a fast-growing cold-pressed green juice company based in Austin, TX who asked members of the Collective to help manage their very content-hungry social media accounts. This video's goal was to introduce the new cookbook to followers of their channels. 

RESULT: Our thinking? What better way to show off the book than to reveal every single page. This video was shot, cut and finished in about 2 hours. That's a quick video.


PURPOSE: You've probably seen those little bandit signs, written in Sharpie, that say something to the effect of "I Buy Ugly Houses". That was the assignment here. But rather than writing signs for this particular client, we spent some time putting together an easy-breezy :15 TV spot that could be run in on local daytime television.

RESULT: A video we created using primarily stock footage and clever writing and editing using the moniker IWTBYFH, or "I Want To Buy Your Freaking House", a phrase easy to remember, which is important for people without a pen handy.