Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference in how people perceive a brand. This is especially true for millennials, who are notoriously skeptical about marketing. Their feeling is that any brand with a boatload of money can shoot a high-end commercial with beautiful actors pretending to enjoy products. Despite the multi-million dollar price tag, it can mean next to nothing in the eyes of a brand skeptic.

Conversely, tasteful, clever, bite-sized bits of branding can make all the difference. (Tweets come to mind: Oreo did it well during the blackout Super Bowl. Red Lobster during this year's Super Bowl... not so much).

Though the Swizzle Gif Studio is our newest department. we've already developed several GIFs that have each done their bite-sized part to help tell a brand story in a fun and meaningful way.


PURPOSE: Goldtouch has always been a B-to-B kind of company. As a maker of ergonomically-designed keyboards and mice, their story was easy to explain to risk managers in Fortune 500 companies looking to mitigate their workers' comp claims. But it's a new era at Goldtouch. They're moving beyond B-to-B and moving towards B-to-C advertising, with Swizzle's help every step of the way. 

RESULT: To get the point across about how Goldtouch keyboards ergonomically splay side-to-side, we made this fun Gif to demonstrate the product in action.


PURPOSE: Threadgill's was a long time client that needed plenty of attention for a variety of reasons. Though they didn't have a big budget, we were always able to find ways to make things look great and inviting.

RESULT: January 23rd happens to be National Pie Day (not to be confused with National Pi Day which happens on 3.14). To commemorate this delicious yearly moment, we created this GIF that ran on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with plenty of likes to show for it.


PURPOSE: We shot a TV campaign highlighting their loan offerings under the question "What have you always wanted". As you may have seen in the TV section of this presentation, a guy uses his loan to make a jetpack. For social media channels, we made this gif to run in conjunction.

RESULT: This. Just a fun way to represent the money-moment of that commercial.