When the internet is behaving at its best, it's empowering people to learn something, or do something. A perfect example of this is what's happening in the kitchen. The Internet has empowered millions of people to break free from their culinary shackles to embrace new things — in restaurants and in their very own kitchen.  We've been approached by a variety of companies to help empower people in the kitchen with video.


PURPOSE: The unfortunate truth about the seafood business can be summed up in 5 words: People are afraid of fish.

They don't know what to buy, how to season it, or how to cook it. Add to that a nebulous fear about mercury poisoning, and you've got a very tough case to make to home chefs.

RESULT: We created a series of How-To Videos designed to take already-familiar recipes that moms are comfortable preparing, and replacing the protein with Sea Cuisine. And the results were tremendous. In the online world, where every nanosecond of a person's attention span has a monetary value, these how-to videos performed well above average for viewership, with 70% of people viewing our content to completion.

daily greens

PURPOSE: More than just a local green juice company, Daily Greens is a healthy lifestyle brand with a very active social following. To keep that audience engaged, while pushing their new juice cleanse cookbook, we created several recipe videos highlighting the best foods to accompany the cleanse. 

RESULT: Working fast doesn't mean have to mean low production quality. We were able to make several recipe videos perfectly tailored for social-sharing in a very short period of time.


PURPOSE: Better the Bouillon has a similar problem to Sea Cuisine. People that know the product love it. Those that don't just assume that's it's a base for making soup, when in reality it can be used for so much more.

RESULT: Our solution was to make a variety of how-to videos highlighting some of the creative ways home cooks can use Better than Bouillon to make familiar recipes better.