Obviously this is a broad category, and more and more it's turning into the bedrock of what we do. They really run the gamet. From small things like product demos, to big things that are ostensibly TV commercials. Here are just a few:


PURPOSE: Das Keyboard is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of mechanical keyboards — a niche product, but with a devoted following. They recently asked Swizzle to help make a promotional video for a new keyboard that is more than just an input device, but an output device as well. 

RESULT: So far so good. The video is part of their Kickstarter campaign to fund the new device, and has been extremely well received. No word yet from Steven Spielberg.


PURPOSE: The Dell Server group had a very boring assignment. They needed to make an informational industrial video to encourage their IT customers to read a white paper about upgrading their servers. Yawn. We sold them on making something that was actually worth watching.

RESULT: Welcome to the inner workings — this video is still in rough-cut form as we just finished the shoot.


PURPOSE: Goldtouch is a leading provider of ergonomic computer products designed to help people avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries brought on by overuse of ill-made technology peripherals. For most of their existence, they've been a B-to-B play, making their case to risk managers in large organizations looking to mitigate their workers' comp claims. But they needed something more impactful, that made the case to regular people and employees rather than employers. 

RESULT: We created what we humbly describe as our SMASH VIDEO wherein we gathered hundreds of flat, standard keyboards and spent an afternoon smashing them in slomo. Shot on a Sony FX-7 at 180 FPS, this video goes a long way towards making the case that those standard, flat keyboards that 95% of us use are causing more harm than good.


PURPOSE: People eat with the eyes. And in the hyper-competitive Austin Restaurant game, if you want to get butts in seats, you better whet their appetites with pretty pictures. So what'd we do? We grabbed a camera, showed up a couple hours before they opened, and shot a video that has had mouth's watering for Aroma's Neapolitan Pizzas ever sense.

RESULT: Sales are up 50% since before the video went out on Aroma's various social challenge, which is a real coup in a market that sees top-notch restaurants closing on a monthly basis. 


PURPOSE: Tito's, through a relationship with our social partners over at Humm Social, asked us to help produce a content video featuring the man himself. In this charming little video, Tito takes us through the origins and reasons behind Vodka For Dog People.

RESULT: Another brand new video, yet to launch, but so far beloved within the walls of the distillery.