Admittedly, shooting big fancy TV commercials isn't a big part of our game anymore. But for the first 15 years of our professional careers, it was the bread and butter of what we did. In fact, we're not even sure "TV Commercials" even exist as a thing anymore. If anything, TV Commercials are nothing more that video content that plays on the Television. Beyond that, the only difference is a strict adherence to :15 or :30 time restrictions and a giant production and media budget. Regardless, shooting TV spots was a valuable education in how to tell amazing brand stories in a short and effective way.


PURPOSE: Oreo needed to overcome the notion that it was simply a sugary snack. To do this, the long running "Milk's Favorite Cookie" campaign was created to remind moms that sharing an Oreo over milk is much more than a sweet treat. It's a way to connect with the people you love. 

RESULT: Oreo remains to this day America's favorite cookie, and is synonymous with milk. Mission accomplished. 


PURPOSE: ETC has been a major player for people in South Texas to get their taxes done for 20+ years. And for 12 of those years, they had a jingle called "Lightning Fast Dinero" that had begun to rub people's nerves. But we had a solution. Rather than give up on all those years of branding, we encouraged ETC to rethink it.

RESULT: We created a superhero named Lightning Fast Dinero that blows into town once a year to fight for the rights of workers in Texas. The campaign we created reignited the brand in a way that allowed them to keep their branding in place with new energy.


PURPOSE: One of the country's biggest and most known brands had never been on the Super Bowl. But by 2008, they decided it was time. But if they were going to commit the massive financial resources required to make a splash on the big game, they needed to do two things: Drive home the primal love men have for this "from the earth" snack. And receive a top 10 result on USA Todays Admeter.

RESULT: Success. The spot made #9 on the AdMeter. 


PURPOSE: Velocity Credit Union has been a staple in the Austin banking scene since 1947. They were known for their outstanding customer service and no-fee accounts, but their loans were down. We set out to do something about that.

RESULT: We created a campaign around the question "What Have You Always Wanted?" — a line intended to tap into people's wants and desires in a fun way. And it worked. Velocity saw their loan offerings increase by more than 30% in the months after the campaign ran on local television.




PURPOSE: In 2016 Velocity Credit Union was ready to remind the great city of Austin that it was a native son. So we invited in all types of classic Austin characters, all played by the inimitable Bill Wise, to bask in the comfort of Velocity's customer service.

RESULT: Campaign just started running in April 2016, but initial feedback is nothing but good. So far it's helping to distinguish VCU as a true local among the eve-increasing competition from credit unions in neighboring cities.