This is another client that has been with us virtually since the beginning. First and foremost, George Catlin, the founder and CEO of W-E is an advertising guy. His stepfather is Mal McDougall (an Advertising HOF copywriter), and was a co-founder of HCB Health here in Austin. Back in 2008, George had neck surgery and was prescribed Vicodin as part of his post-op (as millions are). But after taking these insidious pills for about a year, he found that he couldn’t stop taking them without experiencing the debilitating effects of withdrawal. After scouring the web for something to help ease the pain, an idea struck. Why not create a product using personal experience to fill a need?

With that, Withdrawal Ease was born. Shortly thereafter, George called Swizzle, and since then, W-E has become the industry leader in a marketplace that has boomed in the wake of his success. Withdrawal Ease is now the leading brand in a multi-million dollar industry. We are proud to call ourselves partners in George’s business, and help him on a daily basis at all levels. From the website, to e-commerce, to analytics, to packaging, to radio, to video content, there's little in his marketing mix that we haven't touched.