The death of the the 30-second TV spot has been predicted for some time now. Too expensive, too difficult to measure results, too many people watching screens other than TVs. And they're kinda right. Kinda. And while that particular media buy may indeed be on the outs, the format itself has never been bigger. In fact, there's never been a greater need for short-form video than now, and there are countless opportunities online to use it effectively. We'll always love making big expensive TV commercials — in our previous big agency lives it was a huge part of what we did every day (some of that high-dollar agency work can be seen below). But today, compelling and effective video content can be made for much less. Now that production has become completely democratized — we all have broadcast-quality cameras in our pockets — things like taste, insight, concept, and experience become much smarter places to aim your production dollars.


This is one of several new TV spots we did for long time client Velocity Credit Union featuring the always funny Bill Wise. Also featured is Yamina Khouane. Directed by Berndt Made. Created by Noah Davis and Chris Davis Jason Uson did the editing, Amanda Fox produced. Arun Venkatesh did sound design. Cullen Kelly did the coloring. And, of course, Carol Bailey Cain and her team were the best clients ever.





Goldtouch is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative ergonomic keyboards. The problem is, most people don't know they need one. Truth is, typing on a flat keyboard can do some real damage — like sore wrists, lost productivity, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In this video we dramatically bring the problem to life by taking revenge on the flat keyboards that have caused all so much trouble. 




Aroma Italian is one of our favorite spots in town, owned and operated by good friend of the Collective, Dave Whitney. As most people in our industry know, people eat with their eyes. With that in mind, we put our very own Charlie Goulet to work making this mouthwatering video of one of Aroma's signature pizzas: Their Arugula and Prosciutto Neapolitan Pizza. Buon appetito!

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ETC has been providing tax services for people in South Texas for 20+ years, but they were at a crossroads. Their long-running  jingle had begun to grate the nerves with it’s repeated “Lightning Fast Dinero” verse. They wanted to walk away from all of that brand equity, but we convinced them not to. Rather than abandoning the song, we remixed it for them and created a superhero called Lightning Fast Dinero that came to town every January thru April each year to fight the good fight.


Sea Cuisine had a problem. Despite consumers loving their product once they tried it, preparing fish at home was just too much to ask — it was too far outside of their weekly dinner routines and perceived as too difficult to make. As creative consultants to GW Hoffman Marketing, our job was to make "fish at home" into something fun, familiar, and easy. These simple preroll videos did the trick, proving to be the most successful digital effort in the brand's history.


Of the many television campaigns we've created for Velocity Credit Union, the "What have you always wanted?" work remains near and dear to our hearts. Not only was it very differentiating in a generic category that normally serves up low-involvement, high-boredom messaging, but it did so without breaking the bank, (no pun intended).

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We've never met anybody with more stories than Eddie Wilson. As the founder of the former Armadillo World Headquarters and the owner/proprietor of Threadgill's restaurants, no one is closer to the intersection of Austin's music and food culture than Eddie. We created "Threads" to allow Eddie to weave it all together into a series of one-minute(ish) episodes that introduce a new generation of Austinites to the history that makes this town so special, and place him and his restaurant smack dab into the cultural center of it all. 

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How do you sum-up the experience that is Threadgill's in a single word? That captures all the soulful essence of southern homestyle cooking, the legendary influence of one of the most famous music venues in the state of Texas, and the slightly-off yet joyous weirdness of the city of Austin? You just say "Dang."

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We've been known to take on the occasional oddball assignment if we think we can make something interesting out of it. You know those little bandit signs you see on the side of the road that say “We buy ugly houses” written in a big fat Sharpie? That's what Stepstone Realty asked us to improve upon for their dirt-cheap home-buying business. Our unusual solution? Inexpensive, eye-catching local TV that paid for itself by coming right out and telling it like it is. 


This spot was our entry into the annual Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" contest. It explores some of life's eternal questions over a bonding moment between father and son. And it's ridiculous. To be honest, we always knew the material was perhaps a little dark to move the Facebook masses to vote in the kind of numbers that are required to get a spot into the big game, but we had a funny idea that made us all laugh so we made it anyway. In the end, that rebellious creative spirit managed to secure us thousands more votes than we ever expected.