The Swizzle Collective Earns 5-Stars on Clutch

Social media marketing is an important and oft-neglected field. It’s just a tweet. A few picture on Facebook. What’s the big deal? Well, as it turns out, your online presence can mean the world. And you better have the right agency under your belt.      

We’ve got three companies—Swizzle, Left Turn Only TV, 360 Studios—and we’ve also got five stars. That’s right, we earned the top score possible on the vaunted Clutch site from our first review! And just to break it down the collective for you, Swizzle is our Austin-based advertising agency; Left Turn Only TV handles online and post production; and 360 Studios is our full-service production company.        

Clutch, the online B2B ratings and review firm, based in Washington, D.C., compiles client testimony, case studies, and objective quantitative information. These metrics combine to gain market insights that make transactions more efficient and transparent.

We were fortunate to have recently been named a top Austin advertising agency by Clutch. We know that Clutch was impressed with our quality of work and strategic excellence, but we would still like to take the time to give a shoutout to our clients. Clutch partially ranks companies based on the client testimony received through analyst-led telephone conversations.        

The President of a marketing research consultancy was amazed with the power of The Swizzle Collective. “The Swizzle Collective focuses on [understanding] the end customer’s needs so they can integrate that into the creative. Their work strongly resonates with the target audience and attracts their interest.”    

Founded in 2009, and based in Austin, TX, The Swizzle Collective is a dynamic brand and advertising agency. We have added a slew of recognizable businesses to our portfolio and helped thrust them to places of enormous success. With additional ratings and reviews from Clutch and their sister publication The Manifest, we can only further understand our clients and refine our process.        

Check our latest video for Aroma Italian!

Aroma Italian is one of our favorite new spots in town, run by the great restauranteur Dave Whitney. Swizzle's Charlie Goulet was the man on this video, handling the camera and the editing chores like a champ. Featured here is one of Aroma's signature Neapolitan Pizzas: The Arugula & Prosciutto Pizza. Stop by and get one if you can. They taste as good as they look.

Welcome to our new website!

Admittedly, this website took way longer to complete than it should have. But as they say, the cobbler's children often have no shoes. Despite making websites for virtually all of our clients -- including Threadgill's, Withdrawal Ease, Austin Bodyworker and Presidium Group -- our own proved the hardest to finish. But alas, it is done. Thanks so much for reading. And keep coming back. This post is intended to be the first of many.