So ya wanna be a SWIZZLE INTERN, eh?

The money sucks (i.e. there isn't any) but it's good work if you can get it. Truth is, 100% of Swizzle creative interns are now doing amazing things in the world of advertising.

Of course, we've only had three.

One is becoming a famous copywriter at BBDO NY. Another got into the highly competitive intern program at Crispin Porter. And yet another is getting professional post-production gigs on the regular. All because of the work they did out of a ramshackle office in East Austin.

Why all the success? Because we don't use interns to do our dirty work. We use interns to work on great stuff, and the best stuff we don't have yet.

We teach, we show you the tricks, we tell you what you need to know, and we give you assignments that will improve your portfolios. And we're a fun bunch to be around as well.

Admittedly, it can be hard to find people with the desire to learn, with open minds, who don;t think they know it all already. But if you think you fit the bill, by all means, tell us so.

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