Mirror Mask + U|Scooters Video Shoot


We are looking for lively, energetic and totally awesome Texas-based Cosplayers to participate in a music video we are making for the Austin-based band Mirror Mask! This is a coordinated effort, bringing together several Austin-based organizations including Swizzle, 360 Studios, Left Turn Only, Director Evan Kaufmann, Dragon's Lair, plus a handful of other incredibly awesome and generous people.

Principal performers will be asked to ride around on a U|Scooter. They are really easy to get the hang of once you practice for a few minutes. Training will be provided. 

NOTE: This is not a sleazy thing in the least. Our goal is to keep people safe, have fun, and guarantee an environment of mutual respect.


We will be shooting on two different days. The first shoot day will consist of several featured players riding U|Scooters around the downtown area during Wizard World.

The second will be more of a party-like atmosphere in the Swizzle parking lot with lots of Cosplayers + Mirror Mask.




If you're interested in participating, please email charles@leftturnonly.tv to set up a casting time that's convenient for you.



Mirror Mask is an Alternative/Electronic group based in Austin, TX. Since members Taylor Cole Bartholomew, Doug West and Sean Alexander formed Mirror Mask in 2015, the band has been reviewed by blogs and enjoyed all over the world by listeners.

The song is called SOLID GOLD.

Mirror Mask's Taylor Bartholomew and Doug West.

Mirror Mask's Taylor Bartholomew and Doug West.


  • The guys from Left Turn Only will schedule with each of our 6 featured players a half day (~4hr) studio photo shoot for the kind of work that will be most valuable for you.
  • Final product and the raw assets as a useful and viable creative resource. Now with that we'll deliver a final edit on the overall piece, but everything that we collect content wise will be turned over transparently to anyone on our roster that asks.
  • We want this to be valuable so if we're not covering something that would be advantageous to you, please speak up. We'll do everything we can. The only thing we DON'T have is financial compensation.


  • We want this to be a big deal for everyone. Please please please talk to us about snags or other concerns we can't think of. We can make space for everyone.

  • We are going to be aggressive about generating social media conversations and awareness about what we're doing, not just from a production company standpoint, but using our voices to mutually support the wonderful cosplay, gaming, and comic culture Austin and Texas is proud of.
  • If you have any concerns about any of this, please reach out and we'll do what we can to listen and address concerns. This should be a project that provides value to everyone.
  • We would like to know your social media profile of preference, have some photos of the costumes you can bring to the table (be mindful of anything that is flowy or awkward that extends below the waist for the scooters). This is about YOUR costume and YOUR work. Licensed costumes are fine, we want a little bit of management to avoid too many duplicates but our goal is to put your stuff in harmony with everyone.
  • We are still trying to find Production Assistants for Camera Department, Wardrobe, Scene Design/Art, and Social Management/Data...but honestly, if anyone is down to help the crew, we'll get you a slot that is valuable for everyone.
  • We also need a crap ton of extras for the October 15th date to make our street party be a party.



2511 East 6th Street
Bldg 4, Unit C
Austin, TX 78702